About Us

We are a group of five Anglican churches who love God, believe the bible and aim to follow Jesus’ teachings and proclaim him Lord in all things. We believe that as disciples of Jesus we need to follow His example and show the love of God to all those around: not simply through words, but through action too. 

We make up part of the Monkton Rectorial Benefice as part of the Anglican Church in Wales in the diocese of St Davids.


Across the peninsula churches we have a variety of different types of service ranging from informal family services to communion services following the 1984 Prayer book. We also have different musical styles ranging from traditional hymns on the organ to modern songs on the guitar. There's something for everyone!

Whether you are a regular church goer, or if you've never been before we would love to welcome you to one of our services. You can find out information on what to expect HERE.

To find out more about each individual church please click HERE.

The Clergy

Rev. Josh Maynard, vicar, Angle, St Twynnells, Angle, Bosherston, Church in Hundleton stackpole

Team Vicar: Rev'd Josh Maynard

Josh recently moved to live in Hundleton on the Angle Peninsula with his wife and their three young daughters. He is passionate about welcoming people into church, telling people about Jesus and teaching the bible. He still maintains that despite how it sometimes appears there is great hope for the Church here in Wales.

In his spare time Josh loves to be outside exploring the coast, beaches and footpaths around the Peninsula.